Agimportexport Enterprises is  manufacturer and supplier of high performance Stainless Steel Bends in variety of shapes, radius and diameters and dimensions. Our steel pipe bends are manufactured as per domestic and international standards including ASTM, ASME, DIN and as per needs of our customers. Our SS Pipe Bends also available in large and small size stainless steel bends and piggable bends. Most of the case such stainless steel bends are fabricated using the stainless steel seamless pipes or stainless steel welded pipes, but the choice is made taking into consideration the technical challenges involved. Agimportexport Enterprises’s  stainless steel fabrication capabilities enable us to provide the superior quality stainless steel bend to our customers. Our Stainless Steel Pipe Bends are commonly preferred in pharmaceutical, biotech and other industries as modern piping and tubing technology. These Steel Pipes Bends are available in good quality which significantly reduces the need for welding and avoid used of pipe fittings. With the use of stainless steel bends, carbon steel bends as well as alloy steel bends in piping or tubing system can improve the flow of fluids in piping systems. We produce steel pipe bends in large quantities from specialty or prototype orders all the way up to large scale production runs. Call us today to find out how we can make the Stainless Steel Bends, ERW / Welded / Fabricated Pipe Bends you need.

Stainless Steel Bends Specifications:

Specifications ASTM A403 WP Gr. 304, 304H, 309, 310, 316, 316L, 317L, 321, 347, 904L
Wall Thickness 3mm-40mm / SCH5, SCH10, SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, XS, SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
Outer Diameter Seamless Pipe Bends (1/2″ – 24″), ERW / Welded / Fabricated Pipe Bends (2″ – 36″)
Product Angle 0° – 180°
Bending Radius R=1D, 2D, 3D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D or Custom

Available Grades of Stainless Steel Bends

  • 2D Seamless Bend
  • 5D Seamless Bend
  • 10D Seamless Bend
  • 3D Seamless Bend
  • 6D Seamless Bend
  • Long Radius Seamless Bend

Types of Stainless Steel Bends

  • Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Bends
  • SS 304 Pipe Bends
  • 304 SS Pipe Bends
  • Stainless Steel 304L Pipe Bends
  • SS 304L Pipe Bends
  • 304L SS Pipe Bends
  • Stainless Steel 304H Pipe Bends
  • SS 304H Pipe Bends
  • 304H SS Pipe Bends
  • Stainless Steel 310 Pipe Bends
  • SS 310 Pipe Bends
  • 310 SS Pipe Bends
  • Stainless Steel 316 Pipe Bends
  • SS 316 Pipe Bends
  • 316 SS Pipe Bends
  • Stainless Steel 316L Pipe Bends
  • SS 316L Pipe Bends
  • 316L SS Pipe Bends
  • Stainless Steel 316H Pipe Bends
  • SS 316H Pipe Bends
  • 316H SS Pipe Bends
  • Stainless Steel 316Ti Pipe Bends
  • SS 316Ti Pipe Bends
  • 316Ti SS Pipe Bends
  • Stainless Steel Seamless Bend
  • SS Pipe Bend
  • Stainless Steel Welded Bend
  • Long Radius Bend Fitting
  • Stainless Steel LR Bends
  • Stainless Steel U Bend
  • Stainless Steel Electopolished Bend
  • Stainless Steel Long Radius Bend
  • Stainless Steel Short Radius Bend
  • Stainless Steel SR Bends
  • Stainless Steel Bend Pipe Fittings